Announcement: Beginner’s Advice on Raising Chickens & Buying Chicken House Plans

Of all of the animals that people can raise as pets, chickens are unique.  Not only do you get a bird with a unique personality, you get fresh eggs too!  Raising chickens contributes to your environmental care, by eating all types of garden pests and grass.  They like your leftovers too but beware of garlic and onions, as they tend to make the eggs produced have a unique taste.  Chickens are low maintenance pets as well and when you use good chicken house plans for their home, they will require very little.

If you are wondering if raising backyard chickens is for you, there are several considerations to be evaluated first:

Do you have the time? – While they only require less than a half hour a day in maintenance, this can be a deal breaker for some people.

Do you have the space? – When you’re building their chicken coop, it’s highly recommended that you have at least 6 square feet per bird, and the more, the better.  Chickens are flock animals so it is also recommended to start out with at least three.

Are chickens allowed in your neighborhood? – You might live in a subdivision or town that has covenants against keeping chickens.  Make sure you do your homework before investing any time or money.

Which chicken breed do I chose? – It really depends on the climate that you live in.  There are chicken breeds like Langshans that are better suited for cold weather and Blue Andalusians that are hot weather suited. Do some research and find out what breed will work best for your region and your family.

So now you’ve decided that raising chickens is something you’d like to pursue.  Now comes the fun part, building a chicken coop.  All you need is basic carpentry skills and a good set of chicken house plans. While there are lots of free plans available on the Internet, you get what you pay for; so don’t scrimp on this step.  For under $30, you will have an invaluable resource and one of the best can be found here.

Here are some final tips to consider before building the coop:

  1. The coop should be built in a spot that gets both shade and sun.  Chickens get their Vitamin D from the sun so they plenty of access to it.
  2. The coop area needs to be in an area of the yard that drains well and stays dry.
  3. The coop should be well ventilated to prevent respiratory disease.
  4. Consider slanting the roof so it can send rainwater down into a barrel that provides drinking water for the chickens.
  5. It must be predator proof – use 15mm square wire mesh.

With chicken house plans in hand, in as little as a weekend or two, you can have your coop built and ready go. Building a backyard chicken coop will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

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Factors in Making the Perfect Chicken Coop

A couple of variables are known to have an impact on the functionality of chicken coops. The structure to be produced must be suited with your flock’s needs. In any case, the goal of well-constructed coops is to fulfill the chickens occupying it.

Thus, taking into consideration the needs, what are the critical things to deliberate on when you decide on a design? You would require to do everything as thoroughly planned to prevent unnecessary miscalculations and additional damage.

Based on real experiences, aspects have been acknowledged to contribute to the overall performance of coops in the process of chicken rearing. And these variables are as follows:

Coop Size and Availability of Space

Whether you are rearing a large quantity of chickens, or just a few, the dimension of your coops should be proportionate to that of the actual chicken count. All is well as long as each bird is totally free to move within the coop, able to exercise and not being crowded. Nests and roosts are required to be installed inside the coop as well.

Proper Nourished

In order to stay away from malnutrition inside your backyard, make sure that all feeders and water containers are within your birds’ reach and usually supplied with food and liquid throughout meal time. Having access will ensure your flocks wellbeing until the time they provide healthy rewards.

Essential Safety

There are more possibilities that your flock will be attacked by predators lurking outside your yard. To further secure your birds, try to supply your total backyard with hard and durable wire fences.

Exposure to Clean Air

Don’t suffocate your flock by not placing atleast one opening, in the form of a window, on every coop. This opening allows fresh air to enter the poultry house, having fresh air available for your birds to consume. This will keep balance in their body system, especially with their brains’ oxygen supply.

Exposure to Healthy and Balanced Light Source

Aside from air, health advantages can be gained from the sun’s healthly sunrays. But healthy rays come from southern parts; for that reason, assemble windows that face to south point. No shades from high trees and buildings should be covering the sunrays’ path.

So many aspects were known and these are some of the most critical ones that you require to plan and prepare. Building difficult designed coops will just make the process longer and prone to unnecessary mistakes. Better stick to the simpler method to preserve the goal of your coops. Pay a visit to to see chicken coops for sale today!

Chicken Coops – Construct Different Types

As a person who is into raising chickens either for pets or for revenue purposes, you should also present a comfy chicken coop for them to stay. Coops that support the needs of the chickens would be ideal. There are basically a lot of plans and layouts for coops, but think and deliberate meticulously in order to get things correct.

One consideration is the number of chickens that are to be housed in the coop. And also the space where the coop is to be built, as well as the value of having a portable coop. The purpose of building one might be of help for you too. Example given would be developing a small and portable chicken coop if you are only keeping a few chickens and being able to transfer the coop for cleaning purposes.

As mentioned above, having a flock comprised of 2-6 chickens would only need a modest sized chicken coop. Most often, this form of coop is typically used for chickens regarded as as pets. It looks like a playhouse where sheds and fences are also installed. Fences are required since this keep your feathered buddies from escaping your yard.

Another form, the medium sized coop, is a little bigger than the earlier one and can house about twice as many chickens the small coop can. But this size isn’t massive enough to take in a number of chickens good for running a poultry business enterprise.

Instead of making one large chicken coop, you can build many medium sized chicken coops if you want the portable one and still be able to house a large number of chickens easily.

Large coops are the last one of the group. And this sort of coop is perfect if you are running a poultry enterprise. Usually a 6 sq. ft. per hen coop is ordinarily created. But some recommend a 10 sq. ft. per hen coop, so that would need you about 200 sq. ft. of space in order to house 20 chickens.

City life is a hectic life, but still some people rear chickens at their backyards. With this form of environment, a closed movable coop is essential. Closed coop so that it can guard you flock from pointless attacks from stray animals. This would stop your chickens from escaping into the open, making itself prone to hazard; you wouldn’t want your pet to end up hit by a car.

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Several Easy Tips For Breeding Chickens

To breed chickens isn’t as easy since it may seem. Regardless of whether you’re raising chickens for the personal use or to market them, you breed them the exact same way. Keep in mind that like all animals chickens require maintenance, so do not breed them unless you’re willing to work at it.

Chickens are fairly docile creatures and are simple to care for and preserve. They breed fairly rapidly, and create a lot more than 1 chick, in contrast to other creatures. To breed any creatures, you require the basics, a male and female. In this situation it is a male rooster along with a female chicken. You leave the rooster within a pen with other chickens. There could be 1 male rooster to a number of female chickens.

It’s essential that you simply stop collecting the eggs as soon as you’ve removed the rooster. It’s impossible to tell which eggs are fertilized and which ones aren’t. Throughout this period, the only point you are able to do would be to make certain the nest is perfectly level to ensure that as soon as the chicks are born, they don’t fall more than and injure themselves or die.

Probably the most essential point when breeding any animal is temperature. Maintain the temperature constant. Make certain you will find no drafts, and if you will find, cover them rapidly. Any eggs that the hen isn’t sitting on ought to be placed in an incubator. You ought to adhere to the directions which are attached to this incubator.

You ought to have these supplies prepared prior to you choose to breed chickens. Becoming prepared is crucial. You don’t want any surprises, or do any late night runs towards the grocery shop. The wellness of the chicks depend on you.

Attempt not to leave the chicks close to their mom. It isn’t uncommon to hear about hen chickens eating her chick or pecking it to death. Other chickens can injure the chick so take caution. Chicks are really susceptible to predators and illnesses.

If you’re enthusiastic about selling your chicks, sexing them is essential. As usually, the females will market for a lot more cash than the males. Sexing your chicks could be a messy procedure, because you require to get rid of the excrements from their genitals. If raising your chickens for consumption, then make certain to feed them and treat them nicely. A happy chicken, is really a great chicken!

Choosing Bantams As Your Chickens for Your Backyard

All throughout the globe, Bantams have grown in attractiveness for some time. Its name was taken from a key seaport in one of the cities in Indonesia. The sailors that have been in and out of the port have been very impressed with this breed, which increased its acceptance even more. There came a time that Marco Polo wrote this in one of his journals.

Known to be lively in nature, they are mostly seen looking for food to eat, and actively cleaning its plumage. They make use of their beaks to clean and prepare their feathers and place these on its rightful places. To smoothen it further, oil is spread all over.

Bantams have really grown in popularity in terms of backyard rearing and show functions. The second option may be because of the main explanation that these creatures possess exotic looking patterns and feather colors. Perfect for smaller backyards, Bantams are also able to lay eggs that are about ½ to 1/3 the size of the typical sized eggs. Usually, they eat the identical food as the other breeds, but if are free range, they might choose to appreciate insects and vegetation rather than grains. But for some cause, such as lack of foraging areas, these chickens are fed with grains specifically in business situations.

Among the people from the United States and United Kingdom, Bantam roosters are very preferred. This might be because of its comic and aggressive nature. These birds are also called ‘Banty’ among the residents in the rural areas.

Well-known for hatching and brooding, Bantam hens are also extremely protective in nature which is why the success rate in rearing any eggs hatched. There a lot of people who enjoy much on the fun and benefits brought about by raising Bantam chickens. However, other breeds are also beneficial in terms of egg and meat production. You might want to be extra careful when letting these chickens have free range because this will put your flock at threat. You must protect your chickens as much as possible, in particular with a very nosy personality and always wandering off. Place some wire mesh fence to guard your flock. Considering a wire mesh fence on top will do shield them from traveling by air predators.

Choosing Bantams as yard chickens is one thrilling activity for you and your family. This certain breed can produce benefits the full family can take pleasure in. Raising these creatures will require only a little sized backyard compared to larger sized breeds in order to be successful with such endeavour.

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Homemade Chicken Coop — Coop Building Tips

Building a homemade chicken coop is quite easy to do; as long as you also know how

to create the basic plan of the building that is just perfect for raising chickens.

Hence, if you are planning to build the coop yourself then keep in mind that you

also need to consider some of the basics of the survival of chickens. You need to

know their survival needs if you want to build a homemade chicken coop that is

perfect for healthy living of the poultry.

Poultry-raising is one of the ideal pastimes that will also help you earn money from

your hobby. It can even help generate good amount of income for you that are

sufficient enough to attend to the needs of your family once it has grown up into

larger business if properly managed. However, prior to achieving that, you may start

small by starting your own backyard poultry raising right in your own home;

beginning with a few numbers of chicken heads to start with.

Prior to start building the coop, one of the important things that you need to bear

in mind is to decide if you want movable chicken coop or build a fixed one. For

backyard poultry raising it is best to keep the coop movable so that you have more

flexibility in terms of transporting them or moving then livestock to another much

better location.

This is especially useful during summer when you need to transfer the location of

the coop to the shaded areas in your property in order to keep the room temperature

from rising further. Aside from that, this is further beneficial during winter or

cold season when you have to transfer the hen house inside the barn for added

protection of the livestock from extreme cold.

Another important aspect of the design that you must always consider is provision

for maintenance. Cleanliness is vital to the health of the chickens because tidy and

dirty hen houses littered with chicken droppings can tremendously increase the risk

of the chickens in having various health issues and acquire several types of

diseases. For this reason, it is imperative to always keep the coop clean at all

times for much healthier poultry.

Consequently, you must also include ease of maintenance in your design; ensuring

that there are provisions that will make cleaning easier to do so that you can also

clean the building regularly. Therefore, if you are going to build a homemade

chicken coop then keep in mind the aforesaid tips that are greatly useful in

building the right home for the chickens.

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