How To Raise Egg-Laying Chickens

If you like the taste of farm-fresh eggs but are miles from the farm, consider raising a few chickens yourself.

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6 Responses to “How To Raise Egg-Laying Chickens”

  1. Sharod101 Says:

    nice! now i just …
    nice! now i just gotta find chickens, someone to build the coop and take care of them, and i should be good to go.

  2. DaleStrickland Says:

    Someone …
    Someone that wants to learn how to raise egg-laying chickens, can really use this information?

  3. DinosaurxB Says:

    finally! Now I know …
    finally! Now I know what to do with all these chickens

  4. ra2yuri4 Says:

    I’d love to try …
    I’d love to try doing this in new york city.

  5. SL4Y3R117 Says:

    Now i want a …
    Now i want a chicken :(

  6. TheCliffordCult Says:

    Those chickens are …
    Those chickens are pretty.

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